Where to Meet Your Affair Partner? 6 Tips for Choosing Discreet Date Spots

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You know you can’t fight it anymore. You’ve already decided that you have to have an affair to satisfy this urge deep within your soul. Maybe you should hook up with your crush next door…or your sister’s friend, or your teacher…or…

Wait! That’s actually a really bad idea. The first rule of cheating, if you don’t want to get caught and expose yourself to a heap of drama, is to choose someone who has NO connection to your home life. Preferably, someone your spouse has never met, nor has anyone from your family or friends ever met them.

The best place to meet someone is online, or maybe at a bar or club. Of course, once you make the connection, it can be difficult to maintain the relationship, since one or both of you have to keep it a secret.

Relax, we have six ideas for you on where to meet your newest fling discreetly for an extramarital affair – and hopefully one that doesn’t end with a surprise visit by the reality show Cheaters.

Go somewhere out of town

Naturally, driving out of town is the best plan to avoid bumping into someone you know. Choose a location that’s new to both of you, one where you won’t be recognized by her friends, family, or yours.

Dinner is a very public location and if you know 100 or more people and he/she knows 100 or more people, the odds of rumors circulating increases.

The darker, the better

where to have an affair

Go to a dark theater or auditorium, somewhere out of view.

Dating is difficult when you’re stuck in town, and especially with a well lit room open to everyone’s judgmental eyes. So take advantage of a dark theater, a comedy show, musical or concert, where the view of others is obstructed.

It’s also a more romantic setting where you can quietly enjoy each other’s company, hold hands, and whisper sweet nothings.

Keep things professional at work

You’ll find that many people have mixed feelings on dating someone you know from work. On one hand, work can spill over into home life quickly.

On the other hand, you may actually like the pretend game you’re forced to play, keeping things professional, and yet communicating with secret glances, notes, and emails.

You can’t touch or flirt in public but you still can communicate in secret. Sometimes you may even be able to touch each other when no one else is looking. Just be careful not to get caught by management!

Continue your erotic conversation online

It’s actually easier and more fun to continue and build an existing relationship online than it is to start one from scratch. Online communication takes advantage of your imagination, builds intimacy, and allows the both of you to be bold and dangerous…even in a safe setting.

You can communicate through email, online messenger, web cam app, or texting. It’s a great way to date intellectually when you can’t be together physically.

Birds of a feather fly together

where to have an affair

Call in favors from a friend or relative…One who can relate to your problem!

Friends are there to help you out, right? Don’t be so sure. Some friends will be there for you…and some will betray you in a heartbeat.

Rather than count on all your friends to be your BFF, it’s better to stick with friends who have cheated before or who are accepting of your affair – possibly because they know why you cheat and why it’s difficult to live with your spouse.

If this is the case, a friend may help you by securing a location for you, such as a cabin in the woods, a summerhouse, or some other rental unit for your dating pleasure.

Business meetings away from home

Although most people meet their mistresses in a bar or club setting (where alcohol flows freely), a surprising number of people first meet their new partners at a business function.

Since this setting is not necessarily “at work” (it could be a business training seminar, a client meeting, a networking opportunity), there is more freedom and not as many watchful eyes.

Besides, plenty of unhappily married people bury themselves in their work. Not only are business functions a great place to meet a new partner, but you can also continue dating at such functions, conveniently using the excuse of having to work extra hours. And hey, the boss thinks you’re doing great putting all this extra time in!

Did you know that according to Ashley Madison statistics, it only takes a person approximately 36 hours to find a partner for an affair?

You might say that finding a lover is the easy part (as long as you’re not extremely picky). The hard part may well be finding time and location to intensify the affair. However, these tips can help you get started and make this one a love for the ages.

You can find people to have an affair with anywhere. If you would prefer to do it in person, then depending on the kind of person you want to have an affair with, you should go to requisite places.

Bars and pubs are good place to find men and women having affairs. In these places, the people are usually relaxed and unwinding, and hence are easy to approach. They are also looking to have a good time. So you can simply strike a conversation with them and find out if they are willing or available to have an affair.

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  • March 23, 2017

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