7 Best Places to Find Ready and Willing Affair Partners

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Are you trying to cheat on your spouse but dammit – you just can’t seem to find any willing partners at the grocery store, or the PTA meeting, the library or in church?

Yeah buddy, maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places!

The fact is, sometimes our delusional fantasies about who it would be fun to cheat with don’t match the realistic odds of who we’re likely to cheat with.

Remember that just because you’re attracted to somebody doesn’t really mean you have a chance with them, despite all the bro-seduction techniques you’ve looked up. Sometimes successfully cheating is more about opportunity and timing than it is about killer charm.

Therefore, rather than give you tips on how to try to seduce a person anytime-anywhere, let’s focus on the best PLACES to go where you can probably find better success in scoring a one night stand or a long term affair.


best place to find an affair

There are numerous apps on Android and Apple IOS and other interfaces that can help you meet the beautiful home wrecker of your dreams.

Not only can you find matches among other unhappily married people (like Ashley Madison) but you can also find apps that will actually help you hide your information from your husband/wife. For example, BlackBook on Blackberry has a special password feature that requires you entering in a correct password or else it sends the whole Smartphone into a “dead battery” mode, guaranteeing your spouse won’t find evidence of infidelity.

Even some seemingly innocent sites like Whisper or Craigslist can make you a naughty connection. For better results, if you’re a man, then aim to meet husband and wife couples who swing and may be more inclined to welcome an anonymous man or married man into their threesomes.

To go to the top of the list, include a good picture and be in shape…oh and the bigger your ding-a-ling, the better.

A Bar or Nightclub

No, it’s not always easy to get laid just by going to a club or bar but it’s still the most practical location to scout if you have money, like to dance and want to flirt right away.

A lot of women will show up to bars, though perhaps accompanied by their female friends. Girls nights out aren’t always random nights of fun; they are often prompted by one woman feeling unloved, or going through a separation, or having lost a boyfriend.

One of the first things girls talk about on girls’ nights out is their lack of sex. And if the sexually frustrated woman happens to meet a gorgeous guy in a bar, and the timing is right, her friends may actually egg her on to some fun.

Exotic Hotels

Don’t bother with local hotels, but try exotic locations. Many women who don’t want to admit to others or themselves that they want sex with a stranger will go on vacation and hang out at the beach or go sightseeing. I

f you can come across as cool, fun, intelligent and handsome, you may be able to make good use of that rented hotel room.

Another odd fact: sometimes the woman in question may be married herself and looking to cheat with anyone, while her husband philanders with another woman or simply ignores her as always.

At Work

best place to find an affair

Meeting an attractive coworker is always an option because, in essence, you’re talking about your “second family.” Your attractive coworker will get to know you on a personal level and see you at your best, worst and most impressive.

It’s not surprising then that many coworkers experiment sexually afterhours, and particularly bosses and employees, who love flirting with that disastrous power dynamic. Mister Grey, you didn’t help matters with all that office spanking!

Mutual respect and admiration frequently happen at work and it also provides the perfect alibi. Hell, sometimes it provides the perfect location too, if the office is deserted late at night or if it’s a building with just a few employees, giving lots of free space and a quiet atmosphere.

Just a reminder though…a lot of companies will immediately fire employees who fool around in or even outside of the office, if there is any reason for scandal. It’s kind of like playing with fire…although that “fire” is really hot when you manage to avoid getting caught.

The Park?!

This is a bit of a strange one, because of all the times you’ve went to the park, how many times have you seen people going at it behind the bushes? Yet, there have been more and more incidents of police officers busting people at park restrooms who were engaged in public sex.

Granted, if you’re a man, you’re probably more likely to find gay sex at a park than some random woman giving it away for free. But the number of times police officers have busted park perverts is alarming and thus it’s worth some dishonorable mention.

Think of the park not so much as a place to score an immediate lay but a place to meet people outside your social circle who may be open to more intimate fun later.

A Brothel or Escort Service

Depending on where you live and how far you can travel, you may be tempted to book an appointment at a legal brothel (currently only in the state of Nevada) or a more local venue such as an escort service, massage parlor or ahem, a very open-minded girl who would appreciate some “roses” (to put it in code talk).

While some younger men scoff at the idea of having to pay for sex, older men may appreciate the lack of drama booking an escort or prostitute offers, compared to actually dealing with a mistress.

She’s not just paid to have sex, but also paid to forget about it and never call him after the fact.

For many men who don’t want to waste time or money being a sugar daddy, they just skip the courtship and go right to the intimacy. And if Mad Men taught us anything, it’s that escorts are far from “a cheap alternative” – after all, classy rich guys do it all the time!

Masquerade Party

best place to find an affair

There’s something very sexy about a masquerade party, Halloween party, or the more modern option of an Anime / Comic Book Convention. People dress up, oftentimes in very scandalous and suggestive clothing, and embrace their “avatar” rather than their true selves.

This gives many women an opportunity to have no-strings-attached sex with another “character” they find attractive, and the less they know about each other the better.

Now we’re not guaranteeing that just because you go dressed as Ant-Man, you’re going to get laid by Black Widow or Wonder Woman. (And right about now, we’re imagining an awesome DC / Marvel Crossover of XXX-rated proportions).

But statistically speaking, yes, you’re probably more likely to meet a horny woman at a costume party than a regular facility, like a bookstore, mall or a coffee shop.

And yes, just in case you’re wondering, your best friend’s wedding (with all those bridesmaids outfits and tuxedos) counts as a costume party. After all, taking off an elaborate costume in a swanky hotel room is just as much fun as putting it on.

If you want to have an affair, stop dreaming of “perfect scenarios”. Instead, use your imagination and go where all the pretty faces are waiting!

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  • March 11, 2017

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