Top 5 Best Sneaky Places to Cheat With Your Lover (And the Worst)

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By now you’ve made a connection and are feeling your passions fly out of control. That’s the joy of dating while married, isn’t it?

Yet, the next challenge of finding out the “where and when” is no easy feat. If you get caught, it’s a real buzz kill. If you don’t take a chance and summon up courage to go through with it soon enough…your partner may get tired of waiting.

Now is the time to act. So you might as well decide in advance some smart, creative places to cheat. Here are the five best places to cheat (and one worst) when you’re married and the pros and cons of each scenario.

Don’t: At Home

You’re playing a dangerous game by keeping the sex at home – either when your partner is away at work or at a social function, or while your partner is sleeping in the other room. Hot! Only thing is…you’re really likely to get caught in this situation, since real life is not really like Internet porn.

PROS: Sex is extremely guilt-ridden, taboo and dangerous – a huge rush with great orgasmic potential.

CONS: Not just a risk of your partner walking in on you, but also you’re more likely to leave clues around the house, making your partner suspicious.

Can you really hold strong under Q&A questioning? A spouse hot on your trail is worse than a cop!

Do: A Hotel

best places to cheat

Hotels might well be the most preferable option, since you can splurge on a nice classy place with a romantic dinner (hopefully out of town) or even rent a cheap hotel room for just a few hours for a low price.

If you’re going to go the hotel route, play it safe. Work with cash only and leave no trail of evidence behind.

PROS: Discretion, quietness and a relatively safe way to get the privacy you need.

CONS: Cheap hotels are not romantic and may actually turn your partner off from the sizzling sex you’ve been talking about. There are resort hotels which are great, of course, but they will cost you an arm and a leg, especially since it’s best to arrange for a hotel out of town and not nearby.

Do: Airbnb

Surprisingly, sex is okay with many homeowners who rent out their homes to guests for Airbnb. While a few homeowners may have requests against such acts if you’re open about your reasons and only want to stay for an hour or so, if you rent for the day or night and pretend like you’re a married couple, you may find less discomfort.

Many Airbnb hosts see no difference between their rented room and any ordinary hotel. There was a Business Insider feature story a while back detailing how Airbnb is becoming notorious for hookups and younger crowds.

Do: Backseat of a Car

best places to cheat

Call this the Craigslist option because it’s a little unorthodox and for the truly eccentric among us. The backseat of a car allows you to have some privacy, while also avoiding the usual problems with hotel bookings, and the risk of being discovered that comes with that.

If you’re going to have sex in the backseat of a car, it’s best to pick an out of the way spot, like a drive-in theater, an unpopulated nature retreat, or another deserted part of the city.

PROS: Very hot, to make out in a car and “lose control” of where you are. It’s like you’re teenagers again and you’re flirting with that taboo of going too far. You save on money for sure.

CONS: There’s more of a risk of being caught, not to mention the added risk of a police officer breaking up your party, or even a mugger, depending on where you are in the city.

The cramp spaced is also not conducive to erotic positions. Your only options, realistically speaking, are oral, missionary and maybe woman on top—if she’s particularly limber.

A better idea may be to arrange for a truck make out session, since you can make love on the bed, preferably at a camping site or someone where out in the quiet country where you won’t be discovered. Just bring a few extra blankets for a comfortable fling.

Do: In Public

best places to cheat

Obviously, you want to be very, very careful when venturing out for some sexy time. But there are many ways to make this work well away from spying eyes.

If you live near a beach, setting up a tent or even a simple picnic spot in the evenings is a low-key and even romantic way to get it on.

If you and your affair partner are both into nature, hiking trails offer plenty of opportunities for privacy, although you’ll most likely have to do it standing up.

If you really want to get creative, think outside the box bed. There are spas and resorts where you can rent a couples jacuzzi for a few hours, providing you utter privacy to get it on and some restful relaxation.

Other ideas? You’d be surprised how underused stairways are. Many rooftops are similarly under-occupied. Get creative.


Do: Online Fooling Around

Lastly, if you can’t seem to get away from work or home, you can always fool around online after your spouse goes to bed. With online messenger or the option of private chat rooms, you can keep things quiet. If your spouse is a heavy sleeper, you can even try web cam.

If your schedules can’t seem to coincide, write emails to each other, with explicit sexual fantasies.

As you can see, arranging for a classy and enjoyable affair depends on your imagination and romantic nature. Any place can be an ideal location if the chemistry is good and you’ve thought the fantasy through.

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  • July 6, 2017

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