7 Things Women are Looking For in an Affair Partner

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Statistically speaking, there are more women than men, and yet it still seems as if a lot of men hoping to have an affair “strike out” more often than not.

Women have their pick of whoever they want and the guys have to put on a great show just to be considered. In the end, the handsome and rich guys always win the race, right?

Not necessarily. It’s just that a lot of men haven’t quite mastered communication with women and either come on as too aggressive or too inhibited.

For the best results, learn how to read women, understand women, and more to the point, understand what women want in a sexual partner. Here are seven criteria that women are considering when looking for a guy just like you.

Emotionally expressive

You don’t have to “fall in love” but DO go for the emotional connection. Many men seem to think that just because it’s an affair, they can leave all emotions out of it. Which just doesn’t work because women are not attracted to robots.

Women want an emotionally attractive and engaging man. In other words: a human.

Men who come on as too sexually aggressive are intimidating and insulting to a woman’s intelligence. Real men know that the emotional element of an affair is the best part, it’s what stirs attraction in the first place.

Emotional connection means that you talk sincerely, confidently, and with a mature patience. At the same time, you don’t want to come across as too shy or inhibited, since flirting and desiring sex is what brings you both to the dance. Strike a fine balance between sexy and classy.

Better than the norm

You don’t have to be a perfect specimen, but “above average” in your demeanor. Women want a man at his best.

This doesn’t necessarily refer to looks, but men looking for extramarital sex can increase their chances of being selected from the amateurs by:

  • Maintaining a good weight and healthy figure
  • Keeping good hygiene
  • Keeping attractive personal habits, good “date” behavior
  • Looking for someone OUTSIDE their home city, and yet not TOO far away

You should be a man confident and upfront about his looks. Women want to see you right away so they can feel something.

This means not just confidence in person but enough confidence to post pictures online (in an ad or through email) that clearly show your face, body shape and personality.

Some women do have “types” and may be picky about the face. Sometimes however, a woman just wants to know you’re the “real thing” and not some bored man-child wasting everybody’s time.

Tone it down a notch

You should be smart but not arrogant, confident and flirty but not cocky. Women want a down to earth guy with nothing to prove.

Most women are turned on by men who demonstrate above average intelligence and social skills…however, too much confidence can appear patronizing, overly challenging or even cocky.

The best thing to do is to come across smart – but restrained. Don’t overdo it. Don’t try so hard that you scare her away or make her choose the next “smart guy” in line because you’ve insulted her one too many times.

She’s perfect the way she is

Be appreciative of whatever the woman gives you. Women want men who are into them.

It’s ridiculous how many guys out there are picky about the woman they’re trying to seduce. So what if she’s a little curvy or if she doesn’t like some particular sex act?

Women respond sexually and emotionally to men who make them feel comfortable in their own skin and who make them feel desired, and at ease. They tend to quickly dismiss the men who want to compare them to a fantasy porn star.

Humor matters

Be funny! Women are counting on you to lead and to be the breaker of tension.

You can’t really go wrong being a funny guy, since the situation tends to get awkward fast if you take yourself too seriously. Laughter helps a woman to relax and get in touch with her passions, in spite of guilt, awkwardness or doubts.

Laughter is an aphrodisiac and it will help endear you to your mistress, even if your surroundings aren’t ideal. Seduce her…don’t just wait for something to happen.

Check your baggage

Don’t hyper-focus on your love life or lack thereof. A woman needs to feel that you are there with her and don’t regret anything. You must also show that you are generally satisfied in your own relationship.

Any tip off that you’re unstable or not ready for a mature “secret” relationship where no one gets hurt and she’ll run the other direction. She can’t afford to have you mess anything up, nor does she want to ruin your life.

She needs to know you’re capable of handling this relationship and that you’re not coming loaded with baggage.

If you keep calm, stay strong and show her that you’re comfortable with the situation, you can help her to relax, enjoy the moment and explore her unsatisfied passions.

Be a little persistent but never needy. All it takes is commitment to getting to know this beautiful woman you want so badly and some genuine interest in understanding her point of view.

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  • February 27, 2017

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